Minimalism. A word I have heard before, mostly in my studies in the world of Graphic Design. In design, it meant removing unnecessary flashy effects, elements, and anything else that distracted the viewer from what was really meant to stand out. It was a concept in design that I have continued to practice over the years.

Photo credit: Monika Majkowska

a minimalist is a person who intentionally chooses to live with less, so they can live with more.

Recently over the last few months, I’ve come across the same term of minimalism in a different application. There is a world of people out there now who call themselves “Minimalists” and they take the concept beyond what I have applied to it with graphic design. The idea is this, a minimalist is a person who intentionally chooses to live with less, so they can live with more. If that doesn’t make sense, I shall elaborate.

Most people in their homes have clutter. Everywhere they turn they are surrounded by material possessions in their room, closets, garage, etc…and most of these things aren’t things that they need. If you look around your house and be honest with yourself, you will realize that you don’t need a lot of the stuff that you own, and if you do happen to realize it, then you might have an emotional attachment to these things.

You’re probably thinking, “So what? I have things. It’s no big deal.” Well, it might be a bigger deal than you think. Think about this, after long week of working hard at your job, do you ever find yourself coming home to a messy house? Even before stepping in through the door you know what’s on the other side…more work. You think, “Damn!” because your days off that you have been looking forward to is not really free time to yourself. You remember you have all this stuff to clean, organize, move around…and before you know it your weekend is gone, and it’s back to work.

The more stuff you own, the more your stuff owns you.

There is a saying, “The more stuff you own, the more your stuff owns you”. I know I have felt a sort of imprisonment or slave to these unnecessary things and the chores they entail, I’m sure you have as well. So the idea is to get rid of all your unnecessary belongings, and keep only what you need.

With less stuff, less clutter, you will find less time cleaning, and therefore more time to yourself, more time to relax, and more time to spend with the people that matter most to you.

My friends, this is only a small aspect of minimalism. They are many other ways to apply minimalism in your life at work, home, or involving your debt, income, health, and time to a point where you can start living a more simple life, a life where you focus on what is important and meaningful to you and worry less about what isn’t.

Question of the Day: Have you heard of Minimalism or know a minimalist? What is your view or opinion of this lifestyle and people living it? Comment below