I wanted to start small. A change small enough that it didn’t throw off my lifestyle routine but big enough to affect me postively.

Photo courtesy of: Supr Good Inc.

Up until earlier this year, I had owned a standard black leather wallet. A two-fold with pockets for your license, credit cards, and extra pockets for more stuff. “Yay”…who doesn’t like more storage, right?

Like most people, I filled up my wallet with with cash, cards, business cards, receipts, post it notes, and a bunch of other junk. And although I never really consciously acknowledged it, carrying my wallet was sort of a burden…I don’t know if burden is too strong of a word actually, but it was a bummer. I mean it was big, bulky, and it didn’t feel comfortable in my pocket.

It was like a trash can in my pocket.

It didn’t only physically bother me, but mentally. Whenever I would look at my wallet sitting on my desk, my mind would start to get cluttered with thoughts and questions like: What’s in my wallet? Do I need to clean it out or reorganize it? All these thoughts that didn’t need to be there cluttered my mind. It was like a trash can in my pocket. There had to be a solution to this problem.

I have read about minimalist wallets before, but I could never find one that I liked. Once I thought I found a good one at our local Kohl’s, it had two sleeves and an outer money clip. I quickly realized after a day that it wasn’t for me. It was too tough to get the cards out and I didn’t like pulling out my wallet with all the cash showing in the money clip, not like I had a lot, but you get it.

Then I came across Supr Good’s Slim Wallets. It was designed to carry your license and up to 10 or so debit cards, maybe a folded bill too. It looked sleeked and cool. I hesitated to buy it at first because it was only a sleeve in it’s essence. Knowing I had to really remove a lot of the crap that I usually carried, I took the leap and went ahead and bought it. When it finally came in the mail I drooled over it. I decided what cards I really needed and threw everything else into a small box in my room.

Four months later and it is still working for me. I love it. Every time I reach for my wallet I don’t get cluttered with thoughts about cleaning it or organizing, I know what is in it at all times. I do without all the junk from before, the business cards, post-it notes, etc. I understand it is only a small change, but it is significant enough for me to notice the benefits of decluttering objects in your life. If a small change makes me feel a little less stress, then I am looking forward to declutter and minimizing other aspects of my life.

Have you decluttered or simplified an aspect of your life? How did it change affect you, if at all?