Information about how the site is built


The typography I use here is Chaparral by Carol Twombly and Proxima Nova by Mark Simonson. The choice is typefaces was totally inspired by Jason Santa Maria, an awesome designer who I’ve followed since the mid-2000’s. His typography knowledge is nothing short of exquisite. 🤌 Check out his work too. For the code font I went ahead with JetBrains Mono because I love the tall x-height and the thought that went into designing it. I recently switched from Dank Mono.


The overall site design was done as collaboration between myself and User Experience Designer, Daniel Maldonado. Daniel also designed my logo monogram which is 🔥🔥🔥. Check out his work. He’s a great designer and even greater human.

The colors are originally inspired from Tailwind’s default palette, but then opted for Shoelaces’ palette as I am adopting this fabulous web component library. I am using a combination of Lime, Rose, and Gray. The Lime and Rose are a variation of green and red, so the complementary aspect translates over to create a unique feel. I chose Gray to implement a neutral color.


This site is powered by the beautiful and elegant programming language, Ruby . The creator Yukihiro Matsumoto, a.k.a Matz designed and optimized the language for “programmer happiness”, a concept founded on the belief that a programming language should be enjoyable to read and write for humans, not computers — and I totally agree. Ruby has been a pleasure to write in. This concept is further elaborated in a wonderful, unorthodox programming guide called Why’s Poignant Guide to Ruby. Give a read and enjoy some quirkiness and humor while learning how to code.

While Ruby is powering the site underneath, it is operating under Bridgetown, a next-generation, progressive site generator & fullstack framework built by Jared White. I call him the “Michelangelo” of programming because Bridgetown is a work of art and he’s painting during a renaissance.

Shoelace is my new love. It takes advantage of Web Components and CSS Properties for fresh approach to building a site using modern technology. The amount of features is has for a drop-in-solution is amazing. It works with any framework and agnostic to any stack to choose, so it will always work. Consider sponsoring this project so we can see it thrive.


My deployment method of choice is Git. I push to GitHub and from there it gets sent over to Render for hosting where it finds a home. Both services play really nicely with each other to create a nice seamless workflow for a smooth experience.


I have to give a shout out to an awesome service I use for tracking called Fathom Analytics. Make sure to check out their podcast Above Board where they discuss privacy analytics, cats, and coffee. Jack and Paul are hilarious and knowledgeable.