Need a custom website or web application?

I'm Adrian Valenzuela, a Freelance Web Developer based out of the Central Coast in Southern California

I help small companies and freelancers build a professional online presence that will elevate your business.

My approach to websites is that it is a dynamic, ever-changing tool to help your meet your goals. I custom tailor each website according to the project and your needs whether it be more followers, sales, or subscribers.

The level of commitment and time he puts into making sure that every little detail is perfect on your website is unmatched.

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I am currently available for hire.

I can work directly with small business owners and help them create a great website and offer marketing strategies or I can collaborate with other marketers, designers, and developers on a myriad of projects. I work with tools such as Ruby on Rails for web applications and dynamic sites and Jekyll for basic static sites or landing pages.

I enjoy working with languages like HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript, Sass, Haml, jQuery, CoffeeScript, Liquid, and of course Ruby. If you need help those languages I would love to collaborate!

You can see some of my work in the portfolio section of my website.