Adrian Valenzuela — Artist, Designer, & Developer

A little about me…

Fullstack Ruby on Rails Web Developer and Graphic Designer based in the Central Coast of California. Welcome to my personal website where I blog about code, music, food, and other random things I find interesting. On my free time enjoy reading, drawing, tennis, and hiking. You might come across a dad joke or two. I know they are good because my daughter rolls her eyes when I tell them.

Some places you can start browsing is my uses page where I list tools and items I use daily to get tasks done. I have a page on values which I think is important for every person to have because they can act as a compass 🧭 through life.

I have worked as a barber since 2006 and freelanced as a designer & developer since 2012. I started making business cards and flyers for small businesses locally and transitioned to designing websites to create coherent branding for my clients.

Currently I am booking and available to start web development projects at the beginning of April 2022. Feel free to email me with details about your project and we can schedule a phone call to ensure we would be a good fit!

I respond within 24 hours on business days. You can learn more about my creative and work process and I look forward to working with you soon!